Marine Surveyors in Spain

Marine Surveyors

We are a team of Marine Surveyors and have over 15 years of experience in the sector, our job is basically to inspect or assess everything from small boats to so-called mega yachts, or small commercial boats, tugboats, trawlers, dredgers, ex-boats and narrow boats of different types and sizes. Our job is essentially to ensure that the boat is fit for purpose and is in a fit and proper condition for the sea or river.

In the event of an incident or accident, Marine Surveyors in Spain may be called upon to investigate the causes first and then to act as experts at subsequent court hearings.

Marine Surveyors in Spain

To finance or insure a boat, you’ll need a current survey. But how can you find a reputable marine surveyor whose advice you’d trust with your investment and your family’s safety? “There are no requirements that say a surveyor needs to know anything more about a boat than what you may know,” says Jose Angel, principle surveyor at Comismur, Murcia. To complicate matters, your yacht broker can’t ethically recommend a surveyor to you; doing so could invite collusion. So that’s why we invite you to contact us and prove by yourself our nice job and professionalism so you can relax and rely your matter on us.

Marine surveyors on yachts and small boats specialise in the inspection of smaller vessels that are most frequently used for recreational boating (both motor and sail) and we are also employed directly by larger marine insurance companies.

Marine Surveyors in Spanish Levante

If you need more details we will be happy to assist you by phone or email, we also speak English.